Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funny Kites, Baseball, and a Bucket

I guess Sean tried to make lemonade when all he had was lemons. It was really windy on the beach today and a lot of people were flying kites. Justin was mesmerized by them soaring through the sky. Sean decided since he didn't have a kite, he would fly boogie boards. He is so funny and has the greatest imagination! He did have a great time and probably flew his boogie boards for at least twenty minutes! (notice the white blob on the left side of the picture, that would be Justin's hat that he threw off all over the place!)

Sean flying them high!

having a great time!

While Sean was playing, Brian and Justin were playing baseball. It is amazing to me how much Justin absorbs through observation. Brian was playing with the bat and Justin just started pitching to him. It was so cute to watch them really interacting together. Brian was so patient and kind to Justin. And Justin was so proud of himself to be playing baseball! Later Justin was trying to throw the ball to himself and hit it with the bat. He even succeeded a few times.


A little while later, I looked over and found Justin with the bucket on his head! I laughed so hard! It reminded me of the little boy in the movie Parenthood that ran around the house slamming into walls with a bucket on his head! Justin sat there for the longest time with the bucket on his head. I would love to know what he was thinking under there. Maybe he was wondering why his world was blue or who turned out the lights? I had time to get the camera and take his picture, and that never happens. Usually when one of them does something that I want to take a picture of, they have finished by the time I get the camera out!

Justin how I found himbucket head


Hope said...

I have been following your photo story and have giggled and smiled so much. Thanks for sharing...they are beautiful.

Marie said...

That is so cute, I bet bathtime was a challenge huh?