Monday, July 14, 2008

Pirate Golf

Pirate golf is always a highlight for the boys and we wait for the a night for Dad to visit! Last year I had Justin in a front carrier so I had a handicap excuse for not winning! This year he stayed back at the house with my Mom so he could get to bed on time. I think next year he may be up for playing, which should be interesting!

We had a lot of fun. There were waterfalls and pirate ships, skeletons and rocky caves! Sean was the only one to get a hole-in-one and he wasn't even really looking when he hit the ball! That just proves how much luck is involved in the game of golf! I believe he was also the only hole-in-one last year too! Brian was the best putter - he sank everything with in a few feet! Sean was so happy to have a yellow putter and a golf ball! Brian won a free game in the ball drop at the end, Sean won last year so they are all tied up now!

What I cannot believe is how they can charge $7.95 for a game of golf - even for the kids! Ugh!

Final scores - Me - 55, Brian - 53, Brian Jr - 52, Sean - 60. Par was 38 so we all stink!

pirate dungeon
cool hole
(you can see Sean's yellow ball, bottom left)
pirate ship was the last hole
beautiful sunset when we got home

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T&W said...

Looks like you guys are having loads of fun! I just love sunsets at the beach. I wish I had taken some pics of DH and I together at sunset. Just started noticing that most of our pics, I'm not in them. Time to start handing the camera off or just seting the timer more.