Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ICLW and a Meme

Mel at Stirrup Queens has done it again - IComeLeavWe (ICLW). This time it is International Comment Leaving Week, not month. Go on over to Mel's blog and sign up! Click on the link above or on the button on my sidebar! You know you want to! You have thru July 20th to sign onto the list. The each day from July 21 - July 28, you have to read and comment on five different blogs and return one comment left on your blog. You will get to read tons of new blogs and receive lots of comments. And if you are really ambitious - read and comment on each blog on the list and receive Iron Commentor status!

I was tagged by T & W at Our Journey to Sophie for a meme. They are getting really close to being matched with their daughter from China!

This means that I must come up with something creatively unique in just 6 short words - summing up my life at this current state. Here goes it -

School's out, busy boys - and Mom.


Two months down, hurry up baby!


Trace said...

I'm here from IComLeavWe. Wow, South Korea. We were burned by domestic, and have moved on to DI, but we've been discussing international. Mostly the Eastern European countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgzstan (or however you spell them). Hmm, I think I'll google South Korea adoption :-) Good luck!!!

Deb said...

Oh Jesus Christ Kim that was funny - oops Mary, pew, Hail Mary and bibles...

Whew!! that was close.

Kathy V said...

Thanks for commenting about the us pics on my blog. She should be arriving on or around Nov 8th. (although I guess technically she might arrive earlier but nov 8th is the day they have told me.)

I have a few questions for you? Will your daughter be a baby or will she be a little older? I got curious after your birds and bees conversations with the kids. I haven't read an adoption update recently so I am assuming that all paperwork and everything is in order and they are just waiting for a child to place with you. How much notice will they give you before you have to get on an airplane and go pick her up? Does they place you with the child early if they know the birthmom will be adopting or do they place you once the child is born? Is there any certain criteria they use in determining which child will be placed with you or does it just happen when your name is next on the list? SOrry I have so many questions but I find the whole process interesting.