Monday, July 7, 2008

Shoe Parking!

This is typical Sean. And this is typical for my days.

Me - Sean get your shoes on. We have to leave.

Sean - I cannot find my shoes.

Me - Just wear your flip-flops.

Sean - No, I think I feel like shoes today!

Me - (luckily we didn't have anywhere to be at a specific time) Okay, where did you take them off?

Sean - I thought I parked them right here in the foyer.

Me - (trying not to laugh) Well, they are not here now. Where else did you have them?

Sean - I dunno. I thought I parked them here. They have to be here.

Me - But, Sean they are not here or in the closet here.

Sean - Well, they have to be. Shoes don't just get up and drive away. You know.

Me - (now unable to contain laughter) You are right, they don't.

I wonder where he heard something like that? Hmm. No idea here... (giggle, giggle) Not me. Nope. I am sure. Nothing about parking shoes or them driving off has ever crossed my lips. Although, there might have been some talk about a Nintendo DS, a missing library book, a missing hat or something else not being able to just get up and walk away. But I don't think the two are related. No. Couldn't be. No way. Nuh-uh. Right?


Cathleen said...

Too funny! Maybe they were shoe-napped. :)

Just Me. said...

So cute & funny!

Sean's just as vain as me! :)

I can't seem to remember where I parked some of my shoes too! U've got me thinking there!


Kathy V said...

Shoe parking is so funny. Your kids make me laugh.