Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth and Fourteen Months!

Happy Fourth of July! Our town had their fireworks last night and they were better than they have been in years! We had friends over for pizza - how patriotic, and then went to the fireworks together. My Mom stayed with Justin because it was his bedtime and I was not sure how he would react. Brian loved them and Sean was a bit scared. He loved them last year though. He has a thing about fire lately and I think the term firework had him a little freaked out. He didn't cry or anything, just laid down on the blanket and covered his ears. He wouldn't even look at them!

Justin was fourteen months old yesterday! Yikes! Let's see - he is getting the top molars and the bottom ones are still hard, painful looking lumps. He has a new trick - climbing up on the couch by himself. He is working on perfecting the temper tantrum. He makes a beeline for any open door or gate. He eats crumbs off the floor without his hands like the dog. He loves music and doing the baby bend your knees dance. He is nursing only first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He is still eating baby food because he won't sit still long enough to get enough solids in. HE doesn't say too much. He loves to throw his bottle when he is finished drinking. He loves to open and close things. He loves to put things in something and then take them out - over and over and over again! He love his little net from the bathtub - the in and out part of it!

He loves fruit and whines for blueberries and grapes from the fridge. He loves his monkey rattle and carries it around all the time. He loves to swing high, be 'roughed up", and wrestle! He loves to be outside and to run in the sprinklers. He loves to hand me things so that I can open them for him. He loves to drop food and then stomp it into the carpet. He loves to splash - even in toilet water and dog bowls. He loves to smile and laugh. He loves to eat mini marshmallows - those are nor fun to clean out of the carpet. He loves to go for bike rides and walks. He loves to make fishy faces. He loves to smack the spoon full of food right before I get it into his mouth. he loves mac-n-cheese. He loves to be chased. He loves life!

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JamieD said...

Ahhh . . . to be fourteen months old again. I still love most of the thing on that list (I have weaned myself off splashing in toilet bowls). Sometimes it is just no fun being an adult.