Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beach Day Wednesday

Another beautiful day on the beach - sunny with not a cloud in sight, a light sea breeze, and warmer water! I thought that Justin was afraid of the ocean, but he seemed okay with the water today. So, maybe he got used to huge waves chasing after him, or maybe it was the freezing water! We had friends come to visit us today - Brian's friend Z and Sean's friend G.

Their Mom, D, has become a great friend to me. I really only got close with her this year, and hardly a day goes by that we don't speak to each other - at least once, maybe ten times! We both have 'mommy brain" and often had to call back to say we forgot something. We both laugh at each other and at ourselves. It is great to find a friend that you really connect with. That shares your morals and your values. That shares views and child raising. That makes you laugh. That is a good listener. That you can vent to. That understands you.

Justin had a girlfriend on the beach today. I could tell that he really liked her. So much in fact that he tried to hit her with a shovel and feed her sea weed. That is love if I ever saw it! She kept smiling at him and making flirty faces. It was too cute!

Sean and I caught a crab by the jetty when the tide went out. He was a little scared of it. I scooped it up with a larger clam shell and dropped it into a bucket with some sand and water. We looked at it for a while and then put it back in the ocean. I was afraid that the boys would be fearful of the ocean seeing a crab come out of it, but they were okay. It was a baby crab, after all. I am not sure how they would feel about a bigger one. Good thing there are no Alaskan King Crabs around here! They did ask if there were big crabs like on The Deadliest Catch! Love that show, by the way!

yummy, sea weed!
Brian teaching Justin to skim board!
wait, Justin in the water, and no tears!
Justin's foot prints
the little crab
Sean with another jelly fish
Justin playing in the ocean again! How you doin'?
Try some sea weed!
doesn't he look smitten?Justin running in puddlessplash, splash!


Tash said...

What a cutie pie!! By the way, don't those jelly fish sting Sean!?!?

Returning your ICLW comment!

Martha said...

What a beautiful day at the beach, looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing, visiting from ILCW.

Shanez said...

I love all the beach pics. **sigh** young love :0)