Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Justin's Fifteen Month Check-up

Justin is doing great and really healthy. Just a little on the small side. His height is about average at 30 and 3/4 inches, but his weight is only 20 lbs 6 oz! Brian and Sean were both over 22 lbs at a year! The doctor said he looks fine and she is not concerned at all. Especially since he is practically running now and a very active kid. His food choices are also not so good. Well, they are healthy - he eats mainly fruits and veggies. But these foods are not so great at adding weight to an active toddler!

And he loves to drink his milk - from a bottle. She did give me a stern talking too about him still being on the bottle. I smiled and listened to what she said. But I am a veteran Mom and she doesn't scare me. She looked younger than me in fact, and no ring, so probably not a Mom yet. Bah! My kid is underweight, barely 5th percentile. And he will only drink milk from a bottle. (I have tried a cup several times.) And he knows how to drink juice and water from a cup - and use a spoon! So, bottle it will be for now. And I am not worried. But if she asks again at 18 months and he is still on the bottle, I might have to tell a little white bottle lie. Just to avoid a confrontation and lecture. Shhhh. Don't tell!

Justin doesn't follow the usual kid food groups. He refuses pancakes and mashed potatoes. I can get mac-n-cheese in him on a good day. Noodles once in a while. Sometimes a cookie or two. He doesn't like bread or rolls or toast. And forget any kind of protein - no eggs or beans or chicken or meatballs or cheese. Sometimes he will let yogurt pass his lips!

He does love Pop Tarts - but only the brown sugar variety! He also loves chocolate chip chewy granola bars. He likes the Gerber toddler fruit snacks - and marshmallows. He loves broccoli and avocados. Corn and mangoes. Peaches, pears, apples, grapes. Blueberries and strawberries and raspberries. Cucumbers and carrots and peas. Apples and bananas and oranges. If it comes from a plant, he will eat it. The problem, beside the lack of calories, is the state of his, uh, diapers. An all fruit and veggie diet makes for some mean poops and horrible diaper rashes.

I told the doctor that I was glad that he was my third kid, because I think I am more relaxed about his eating than if he had been my first. She said that she was glad he was my third too. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. I guess she has been stuck in an exam room with a panicked first time Mom more than a few times. Not that there is anything wrong with a panicked first time Mom!

To sum it all up, Justin is doing great and will remain on the bottle until I feel he eats well enough to stop it. And I will continue to try to hide pieces of chicken in with his broccoli. Funny, I thought the broccoli would be the thing I needed to hide! Judge if you want, but you don't scare me!


SAHW said...

Sounds like you have a vegetarian in the making. :)

Babies can nurse far beyond 15 months, so why would it be any different for bottles...

Rachel said...

EK is the same way! She hates most protien although she will eat bologne or hot dogs...but no chicken, meatballs, etc. She loves fruit just like Justin. I'm so glad to read this! She does love her milk too!

copycatkids said...

Ryan and Sean are turning 3 and will still only drink milk from the bottle ALL other liquids ARE drank from a regular cup and they are totally normal!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sounds like Justin is doing great! My Keeghan will be 15 months tomorrow and is still on a bottle... I'm not worried either! ;)

Thank you for praying for my daughter Kennedy during her surgery! We appreciate it so much! I've added you to my reader and I will be back!

AprilMay said...

LOL! Both of my boys were only 20lbs at age one, and it looks like Caden will be the same size.
My hubby and I used to joke that if we did have a girl, she'd probably be huge since our boys are unfortunately petite little things!

SPONGEMOM SWEATPANTS (formerly Crazy Mama!) said...

That makes me feel much better - Delaney is turning one this week, and there is no bottle-weaning in sight. Um, maybe because I FORGOT that I really should be offering a her a cup by now. Whoopsie!