Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Contest!

Anyone want to win a Dyson vacuum? Yep, that's what I thought! What a great contest! No pair of earrings or t-shirt here. (not that I wouldn't want to win them too!) This is an awesome prize! I have added it to my sidebar and decided to post about it to improve my chances of winning. If you want a chance, or two, to win, click on the icon below!

I also have to explain why I need a Dyson. Hmm, can you say house of boys! But if that isn't enough, I will explain a bit more.

1. I need it for Brian, my seven year old sports enthusiast. He is always playing something and dragging some kind of dirt or ball field clay into the house. He is always wearing cleats full of mud into the house. He throws balls around the house and constantly knocks over bowls of food. He kicks things that aren't even balls, a rolled up sock or shirt makes a good substitute for the real thing. Because of all the energy he expends, he is constantly eating snacks all over the house. Brian also has seasonal allergies and symptoms in the house would be lessened by a good vacuum.
2. My second reason is Sean, my four year old. His nickname around here is Pigpen. You know the character from Peanuts that travels around with a cloud of dust. This is the kid who can get a bath, walk down the steps to the living room and get dirty. He digs in the dirt for worms and gets chocolate all over his face. When he was younger, he had a lollipop and made a complete mess. His fingers were so sticky that they were literally stuck together. Like crazy glue. Do you think this bothered him? Nope. He went about pushing matchbox cars around and didn't care that his fingers didn't move. He throws food and wrappers on the floor, behind the couch and under the cushions. They really need a good cleaning.

3. Reason number three is Justin. Let's face it, babies are messy. More food is usually on the floor than in his mouth. He throws it and steps on it. He grabs pieces from his brothers and crumbs fall everywhere. He crushes bags of chips and dumps them just for the fun of it. Then he walks on the chips and laughs. He is all about cause and effect right now, and cause and effect to him is all about making a big mess. He also tends to bring home more mulch than the average kid from the playground. How in the world does he get it in his diaper? - with a onesie on!

4. Roc, our Black Lab mix, rolls in at number four. He is constantly tracking in dirt, grass and mulch. He rolls around outside, collects it on his back, and for some reason feels the need to shake it off in the house! But the dirt and grass are nothing compared the the shedding. Now that the weather has changed, he is losing hair at an alarming rate. Even just giving him a little pat on the head results in a fist full of fur! He also crunches his treats and bones on the floor and even though he cleans up pretty well, there are always a few crumbs left behind.

5. The fact alone that Brian Sr. is a male makes him eligible for the list. He is usually in the mix of things with the boys and brings in his share of dirt and grime. His shoes are usually covered in dirt and sand from the golf course too. He and the boys - and dog- wrestle in the dirt and grass, anything that gets stuck to them while rolling around winds up on the floors. He also eats lots of snacks and throws some to the dog, who doesn't always catch them.

6. It wouldn't be fair to not include myself in this list of mess makers! I think my number one culprit is my hair. I have a lot of it, and it falls out all over the house. I have to own up to this one because I have no choice. I am the only one in the house with hair over a few inches long. It is always stuck to someones fingers or toes! I also do my share of dropping things. And under my number I will include that we are saving for our adoption and that there is no way we could afford to buy a great vacuum like this!
7. The fish, Turtle. Okay, Okay he doesn't technically make much of a mess, but I couldn't leave out any of the members of our family. And he does have little pebbles in the bottom of his bowl that sometimes make it to the floor when I change his water!

And last but not least is photo proof of my dirty kids. I did not alter the color at all and you can see how white the bubbles and sides of the tub are as compared to the gross water. Yes, this is what the bathwater looks like after you put three boys in the tub!

ring around the tub!

I have no idea why I keep entering these contests online. This one really caught my eye because it is a Dyson vacuum! As a Mom of three boys, a 75 lb. dog, and a husband it is the ultimate cleaning machine! I am the eternal optimist I guess, because I never win anything. Never. I really mean never. I have entered countless 50/50 drawings and Chinese auctions and raffles. But that winning title still eludes me. I go beyond half and see my glass as two-thirds full! I am not complaining because this is me, and I like me. When I lose, yet again, I will just brush it off and find something else to enter. I feel like the more I enter, the more chances I will have to win.

This is partly true because if you never buy a lottery ticket, then you will never win the lottery. But entering things again and again doesn't guarantee that someday you will win. It will only increase your odds. This is because some people win more than once - even in the same raffle! Ugh! Last time I took a chance it was at an Adult Social for Brian's school. One couple won three different prizes. I was happy for them, of course, but the little kid in me wanted to stomp my foot in protest!

In all seriousness, I don't have a thing to complain about. I am such a silver lining girl. I have won the lottery of life. I have a wonderful family and extraordinary friends. I have a great hubby and three healthy boys with a baby girl to arrive next year! I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and a car to drive. Brian has a stable job and the boys attend a school in a wonderful district. I live within an hour of the beach, the mountains, and a few major cities. So who needs those silly contests? Me, I do!!!


DC said...

I too am a sucker who constantly buys lotto tickets and even makes detailed plans about how I'm going to spend the big winnings. *groan*

Thanks for your great comment on my blog! I LOVE the toenail idea. If only it were that clear-cut, huh?

Nicky said...

Returning your comment from NaComLeavMo. Good lord, woman, you DO need a new vacuum! (I'd pick you, if, you know, I had control over random numbers and such.) My husband is Asian, so he enforces a strict no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Really cuts down on the dust and dirt tracked in.

Aunt Becky said...


I admire your sense of pluck, dude. I've entered some of those contests, too. Never won a thing, but hey, it makes me feel better anyway :)

BethH6703 said...

Gotta tell you, I LOVE my dyson! I don't have the kids to clean up after, but I ave a golden retriever, a long haired cat, my hubby and myself. The dyson is WONDERFUL - once you get over the ick factor on what's really in your carpets.

Thanks for the comment, I'm enjoying NCLM also!

smartypants said...

You never know when you might win something! and i've only heard wonderful things about dysons. Good luck!
(here from NCLM)

momofonefornow said...

thanks for the comment, and the ski jump on the wii fit is fun. You should open that sucker up and give it a go.