Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Babe Magnet

Every where that Justin goes he seems to attract a following of little girls. Little mother hens, mommies in training. The ogle over him, cater to him, and treat him like a little prince. If he reaches for a cookie, it is handed to him. If he drops his cup, it is returned to him. If he wants to walk around, his hand is held. If he smiles and makes silly faces, they are shadowed back to him. He doesn't know how good he has it. Or maybe he does.

He seems to know how darn cute he is. And he definitely flashes them smiles full of dimples and makes kissie fish faces. He lets them pick him up and carry him all around. He lets them feed him like a baby bird. He lets them chauffeur him around in his stroller. He sure is happy.

While sitting on the playground after Brian got out of school a conversation ensued about Justin's abilities to attract the opposite sex. A few of the Dads wished that they still had the power over females that Justin has. They thought it would be nice if women flocked to them like they do to Justin. They thought that maybe if they were more like him that it might work.

A few of the Moms then took a second to glance over at Justin. There he was sitting in the mulch. He had it stuck to his clothes, in his hair, and in his shoes. He had chocolate all over his face from the cookie he had eaten. The few spots that were chocolate free were colored in black with dirt. He was picking up piles of mulch and throwing it all the girls. The mulch that he didn't throw, he was trying to eat. After he ate it, he tried to spit it out.

We had to laugh. Can't you just see a grown man sitting in the middle of a playground? Covered in mulch. Dirty. Wearing a diaper. Drooling chocolate. Throwing mulch. Blowing raspberries. It would be hard to resist, huh? Yep, I agree -hard to resist not calling the cops! Sorry guys, I think your days of infinite attraction are long over!


SAHW said...

Too cute! I have to agree, the universal appeal just doesn't make it too far past babyhood. Thanks for the laugh :)

Paranoid said...

What cracks me up is the turnaround that happens once a child is around two. Suddenly, (s)he is fascinated with the big kids, who have totally lost interest.

All three of your boys are adorable.

Kathy V said...

That is so funny. I can just imagine going on a date and the guy rolls around in the mulch with chocolate on his face. Uh can we say Date Over!

pamela.ilovemcdreamy said...

Am here from NCLM.

Your three boys look so cute! TOO CUTE.

wish.wait.hope.pray said...

hahahaha I think the reality is that the girls don't notice the mulch and chocolate covered faces! But then I can imagine men out there like you described - I think in the past I've dated some of them!

Tanya said...

I hear you. Everywhere we go anymore people talk to Warren. If they don't pay attention to him he "talks" louder and louder until he has their complete attention... and then he pretends he's shy, smiles at them an hides his face... repeatedly.

Yep, if he was a grown man making such a ploy for attention people would think he had mental health issues.

DC said...

Wow, Justin sounds like my husband (the covered in mud, eating dirt part, not the ladies man part - although I'm sure my hubby would disagree). ;)

Your kids are adorable!! I'm here from NaComLeavMo. Please stop in and say hello if you get a chance. :)


Sharon LaMothe said...

Hi Kim...Love your blog...you sure do have your hands full...and I agree....men with diapers? I think not! LOL

Hope said...

Too cute, we still have to wipe chocolate off our husbands chins right??? or is that just me? lol

Cute boys btw!